Membership Benefits

Benefits of Becoming A MBIC Member

  • Access to MBIC Board Members for one-on-one discussion relevant to biomass commercialisation.
  • A strategic platform to raise industry voice to the government especially staging the interest of SMEs.
  • Platform for dialogue with government on policies, incentives and procurement opportunities.
  • Staging of Seminars/ Forums, Conferences/ Tradeshows/ Workshop Arrangement for benefits of members.
  • Access to biomass related information on business trends, technologies and opportunities.
  • Provide regular updates on new technologies and changes in funding opportunities and government incentives.
  • First priority to participate in our Trade Missions/ Factory Visit/ International Events.
  • International exposure through our networking session.
  • Complimentary copies of publications that may be produced by the Confederation from time to time.
  • Leveraging on the wide spectrum of expertise and strength of the members.
  • Focus on knowledge building, sharing of experiences and ideas, and networking with other members.
  • Promoting of Members capabilities either individual corporation or as member of the Confederation.
  • Participate in programmes organized by the Confederation solely or in cooperation with other institutions.
  • A searchable and constantly updated version of the indispensable print MBIC Membership Directory.