MBIC Profile

The Malaysia Biomass Industries Confederation (MBIC) is formed by the Honouree members of the EU-Malaysia Biomass Entrepreneurs Nurturing Programme (EUM-BENP), a flagship project of the EU-Malaysia Biomass Sustainable Production Initiative (Biomass-SP), a development cooperation project between the European Union (EU) and Malaysian Government.

The founding members of MBIC include award-winning biotechnology (BioNexus Status) and new green products manufacturing companies, producers of biomass solid biofuel and biomass energy project developers, established manufacturers in the pulp and paper industry, biocomposite, green building materials and biofertilisers, as well green chemical companies and commercialisation entrepreneurs.


MBIC was officially launched by DYMM Yang Di-Pertuan Besar Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus, Tuanku Muhriz Ibni Almarhum Tuanku Munawir in the presence of MBIC Executive Committee members and Advisors, Tan Sri Megat Najmuddin bin Megat Khas and Tan Sri Soong Siew Hoong on 9 May 2012, at Sunway Putra Hotel. 300 international and local biomass stakeholders attended the launching ceremony in conjunction with the EU-Asia Biomass Best Practices & Business Partnering Conference 2012.

Biomass Development in Malaysia

The biomass industry represents several different industries brought together by the utilization of renewable organic matters including oil palm waste, timber waste, rice husk, coconut trunk fibers, municipal solid waste, sugar cane waste, etc.

These organic materials have the potential to be used in the generation of renewable energy i.e. conversion of biomass feedstock into solid biofuel (pellets, briquettes), biomass power plant projects (co-firing, methane capture), liquid biofuel such as diesel and ethanol and the manufacturing of value-added eco-products e.g. pulp and paper, biocomposite, and bioplastics as sustainable substitution for fossil-based materials as well as the development of valuable green chemical precursors such as sugar alcohols, ethanol, and lactic acid.


Driving Sustainability in the Biomass Industry

Realising the synergy that could be derived from various biomass available from Malaysia, MBIC is formed as a non-profit organisation to develop the biomass industries in Malaysia through strategic partnership among biomass SMEs, major feedstock owners, research institutes, and other local and international biomass stakeholders.

In the long term, MBIC aims to be the strategic platform where various biomass sectors are able to synergize their needs and interests for the development of biomass industry as a whole. MBIC will also act as a platform to commercialise, market and utilise the applications of high value biomass products, whilst promoting the principle of sustainable consumption and production, and to maintain a conducive ecosystem for the sustainable growth of biomass industry.

Through MBIC, relationship will be fostered through dialogue sessions with government agencies, research institutions, civil societies, as well as local and international bodies, to create and foster awareness of what the biomass industry's contribution towards climate change mitigation efforts.

Leveraging on the wide spectrum of expertise, strength and network of MBIC members, MBIC aspires to lead Malaysia to be recognised as the biomass hub internationally.