MBIC Board of Executive Committee 2016 - 2018



Dato’ Leong Kin Mun has contributed to the growth of the Malaysia biomass industries within his capacity as Technical Advisor to the European Union (EU) – Malaysia Biomass Sustainable Production Initiative (Biomass-SP) between 2010 and 2014, where he has successfully created awareness for the biomass industries as a recognized industry in Malaysia.

Dato’ Leong is also the Managing Director of Primer Capital Sdn. Bhd. (www.primer.my) which specializes in green finance solutions. He is also familiar with various value propositions of the biomass industry inclusive of feedstock planning, technology matching, value chain and supply chain analysis, sustainable models, etc.

Deputy President

Kester Chin is the Chief Executive Officer of Greenearth International Sdn. Bhd., a company involved in the production of enhanced organic bio-fertilisers from oil palm biomass. Hailing from the state of Sabah, he has had extensive experience in power generation and alternative agriculture through his long-standing works with Hitachi Powers.

Mr. Chin is well versed on the issue of waste management, conversion of waste and commercialisation of high value-added products. Greenearth International produces BlackGold®, a renowned brand of Organic Fertiliser consisting of Bio NPK, water-retaining and disease control properties.

Vice President  

Dato’ Mizan Yahya is the Executive Chairman of Waste Management Systems Sdn. Bhd. (WMS), the appointed operator for the upcoming food waste treatment facility envisioned under the Greater Kuala Lumpur / Klang Valley National Key Economic Area Entry Point Project #9 – Developing an Efficient Solid Waste Management System.

The project will involve first of its kind facility in Malaysia for the Co-siting and Co-digestion of Source-Segregated Food Watse and Municipal Sewage Sludge at an existing Sewage Treatment Plant, merging of two currently separate waste streams and transitioning the waste management scenario and landscape towards a more holistic, integrated and symbiotic approach across all types of waste streams in Malaysia.

Vice President  

Mr. Ivan Ho is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Biotechnology Group of Companies which was established to spearhead the development of agricultural-biotechnology industries in Malaysia. He is highly experienced in the field of agricultural-biotechnology as well as bio-conversion processes through R&D collaboration with various local and international institutions, and has been involved in many programmes under the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE).

Aside from his work on biomass, Mr. Ho is also an active community leader, taking role as board member and advisor to a number of native clan associations.

Vice President

Mr. Danny Ng is the Chief Executive Officer of MTS Fibromat Sdn. Bhd., an award-winning company with extensive experience and expertise in the manufacturing of Erosion Control Products from paddy, coconut and palm fiber biomass for consumption in Malaysia as well as abroad.

His passion for geosynthetics has led him to be actively involved in related organisations such as the International Erosion Control Association as well as the International Geosynthetics Society Malaysia (MyIGS). Mr. Ng was a recipient of the APEA Award 2010 for Most Promising Entrepreneurship.

Vice President

Puan Rusila Kamarulzaman is the Managing Director of Everise Crimson (M) Sdn Bhd, a company that manufactures environmentally-friendly composites from Kenaf biomass. As a key player in the Malaysian Kenaf industry, she was elected the Pro-tem President for the Malaysian Kenaf Entrepreneurs Association, and became President following the official registration of MyKenaf.

Before venturing into entrepreneurship, Puan Rusila was involved in the financial sector, with her last position being in Capital Market Department of the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (now Bursa Malaysia).

Secretary General

Mr. Micheal Sew has been involved in the Malaysian biomass industry for the past 8 years, culminating in the birth of his own company, Bluebio Matrix Sdn. Bhd. offering renewable biomass-based products to enterprises with significant energy needs.

Expert on the subject of biomass pellets, Mr. Sew now provides comprehensive consultancy to biomass industry players on improvement of the palm dried long fibre pellets production line, and shares his cumulative knowledge on biomass renewable energy through speakerships at various seminars and conferences.

Deputy Secretary General

Dr. Hoh Choon Yee is the Managing Director of Lipp Engineering Sdn. Bhd., a company that specializes the engineering of silos and storage tanks, as well as the conversion of biological waste products from industrial processes such as palm oil mills and animal farms into biogas for green energy.

His venture into renewable technologies such as the biogas system, composting and biomass energy extraction came on the heels of 17 years of experience in the waste and waste water industry. To date, Dr. Hoh has collaborated with many major players such as Sarawak’s Natural Resources and Environmental Board (NREB), as well as Sime Darby and TNB on biogas power plants projects.


Mr. Jackson Tan is the Chief Operating Officer of Greenearth Group of Companies, a company that strives to produce sustainable Bio Organic fertiliser to compliment the food production sectors in the Asean Countries.

Mr. Tan received his Bachelors Degree in International Marketing from Latrobe University in Melbourne Australia, and has been instrumental in helping Greenearth factories attain the “LCA” Qualification for Bio Fertiliser production in Malaysia. Already serving two terms as an Exco member, Mr. Tan looks forward to contribute more towards building a better MBIC.

Deputy Treasurer

Mr. William Tong was the General Manager of Millenium Partners Sdn. Bhd., a company primarily involved in the manufacturing of industrial solvents using palm-based esters. Under the EU-Malaysia Biomass Entrepreneurs Nurturing Programme (EUM-BENP), Mr. Tong has helped Millenium Partners obtain the Eco-Labeling Certification, the first in Malaysia.

More recently, Mr. Tong has diversified into event management focusing on Renewable Energy and is in the midst of producing an inaugural publication of the China-ASEAN Renewable Energy and Resources Business Guide.

EXCO Member

Dato' Azman Shah Mohd Yusof is the Chief Executive Officer of Northport (Malaysia) Bhd, the operator of Northport, Port Klang, one of Malaysia's most important gateway ports. Northport is part of the MMC Ports Group which also consists of Port of Tanjung Pelepas, Johor Port, Penang Port and Tanjung Bruas Port. MMC Ports is the 8th largest port operating group in the world based on TEUs handled in 2015.  MMC Ports also owns two haulage companies and a rail cargo joint venture company with KTMB, and is able to provide customers with end-to-end rail, road and sea logistics solutions.  Azman joined Northport in February 2016 and is pursuing the vision of creating a regional biomass logistics hub in Port Klang.


EXCO Member

Mr. CC Chong is the co-founder and Chief Business Officer for CHE Group Berhad and holds a Diploma in Manufacturing Engineering from the German Singapore Institute (GSI). Mr. Chong has 15 years experience in the production and manufacturing of equipments and facilities for the automotive industry and is highly trained in precision engineering of military components.

He has accumulated vast experience in bridging international collaborations through partnerships with European and American technology providers, and is actively involved in the Group’s merger and acquisition activities.

EXCO Member

Mr. Wonder Chang is the General Manager of Green Mark Projects Sdn. Bhd. a company that specializes the retrofitting of oil palm mills with innovative technologies to improve oil palm milling efficiency.

While considerably new to the environmental field, Mr. Chang is backed by experience working with Multinational Companies (MNC) such as Monsanto and has been active in promoting his work through various seminars and conferences.

EXCO Member

Mr. Sivapalan Kathiravale is the Program Director of Strategic Intelligence and Foresight (SIFt) at the Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT). He has extensive experience in area of waste management and the renewable energy industry where he established the National Waste Grid Program in Malaysia which promotes Holistic Waste Management.  This program will help Malaysia change the waste industry which is very dependent on government expenditure to one driven by market creation based on new green products.

Mr. Sivapalan is currently also the leader of a team of consultants that are in the process of establishing a Standard Test Method for the Characterization of Municipal Solid Waste in Malaysia.  This team is working closely with SIRIM and the JPSPN in establishing the standards.

EXCO Member

Mr. Tang Kok Mun is the Chief Consultant in Rapid Genesis Sdn. Bhd. which operates a private technology incubation center in Malaysia. The center collaborates with industry partners and universities to develop and commercialise need-based technological solutions to create high-value products and services to serve industries.

He also served as one of the key consultants in the European Union (EU) – Malaysia Biomass Sustainable Production Initiative (Biomass-SP), focusing on the areas of technology commercialisation and sourcing of government grants. Currently, he is the co-founder and manages several technology startups serving industries ranging from water treatment, genomics for precision agriculture and aquaculture, nanotechnology as well as cleantech.

EXCO Member

Mr. Tan Eng Hau is the Managing Director of Treehouz Asia Sdn Bhd. The company focus on design and build high efficient biomass processing plants to ensure profitability and sustainability of operation. As an automation enthusiast, Mr. Tan has extensive experience in plant engineering and process control systems. His passion is the driving force for Treehouz Asia to manufacture process equipment for the highly automated plants typical of today's engineered wood and biomass industries.